Monday, August 27, 2007

Bundle of Joy

For months I've been yearning for a new (second) dog. For the last few weeks it has become almost an obsession. I've been browsing the internet, reading ads, telling everyone I saw that I was looking, and researching what kind of dog I would really love to have. It has felt almost like an overdue pregnancy, dreaming about this pup! I've seen a lot of dogs, but none of them felt like my dog. Until......
On Friday, we met Django, this little precious fellow. He is a combination Poodle/Havanese, a walking teddy-bear, 10 weeks old, jazzy and sweet, easy-going, good-natured, smart. He is caramel colored, with black tips and a black beard. Funny face, that's for sure! He adores little children (was raised with them). This was important for me because of little Tiare who lives in our back house, Olin who lives down the street, Kasey my new little great-niece, and the anticipated grandchildren who will (hopefully) someday be appearing!

So far he is just a great dog. He is almost house-trained (only one puddle in four days). We are training him to sleep in his crate, and I've been carrying him around in a baby sling when he wants to nap and we're busy. He races around, tumbles all over himself, and then falls sound asleep after an hour or two of wild exertion.
Here he goes, racing through the back yard! He and Zuma are getting along just fine. They're not playing yet, but it is close. Because we've had two small children visiting, it has been a little distracting for Zuma, trying to defend herself from them! Anyway, we are both madly in love with this little pup, and can't wait to introduce him to all our dog-loving friends!Meanwhile, he helps me with everything - here he is helping me post this blog!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Here's me now...

My old Blogger photo is several years out of date. Here's a more up-to-date snap of how I look now.

Picture me this week celebrating the resignation of Karl Rove, although as a Michael Winship wrote today,

"Mother of Mercy! Is this the end of Karl Rove?
Not bloody likely. If you think otherwise, you've got greater faith in the power of wolf's bane, garlic and wooden stakes than I have."

I couldn't agree more! I don't trust him, and fully expect him to emerge as a lobbyist for Diebold, or the weapons industry, or Halliburton, or worse.

I remember, as a kid, that we used the verb to "snick", which was what you would do to snap something forcefully away, using your thumb and middle finger. I'd like to snick old Turdblossom right off the planet, along with his best friend!