Friday, August 10, 2012

Restoration of My Hardware

Wow.  Some great news.  You may remember that my whole adventure with changing my food intake/lifestyle began when doctors told me that I was having some kidney distress, and that my kidneys were weakening.  They said that from now on I would have to be monitored, that there was no way to turn it back - the best I could do was to try to stabilize my kidney function so that it did not get worse.  They suggested I drink more water.

Five months later, after making all of the dietary changes I've described, I had another blood test.  This time my kidney function has completely returned to the normal range!  One of the indicators dropped 10 points!

So now I have had the following results:  sinus and allergy issues: GONE.  high blood pressure:  GONE.  kidney disfunction:  GONE.  There are many other pluses, such as silky skin, no joint pain, and perfect health month after month, never a sniffle or a headache or any complaint at all.  For my age, that is pretty fine stuff.  Thank you Dr. Mark Hyman, and all the others who have shown the pathway for how the body can heal itself when you give it a chance.

Also, I've been watching an excellent set of small films put out by University of California researchers, called The Skinny on Obesity.  I can really recommend them for showing a great deal of thought-provoking information about sugar, weight, and stress.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Leap of Faith (in Myself)

This week I took a giant leap of faith in myself.  I gave away two huge boxes full of clothes that are now too big for me!  I've lost 26 pounds, and gained a lot of muscle, in the last 5 months.  Always in the past, when my weight has gone up and down, I've kept various sizes of clothes in the attic "just in case" I gain the weight again.  But this time I've already decided that I will not be that size again.  I have committed to this pathway of health and have no intention of letting myself regain all that extra baggage.  In fact, my intention is to lose the rest of it, which means I am a little over half-way there!   I've learned to love the healthy foods that I eat every day, and have absolutely no craving for the stuff I've given up, the sugar, dairy, and white foods that used to be part of most meals.   Woohoo!  I feel good.   Thank you Dr. Mark Hyman for kick-starting all this, and thank you Lily of Farmacopia for telling me how to begin!  And thank you Daniella for being such an outstanding partner/cheerleader and joining me in this adventure.  I am one lucky girl!