Tuesday, February 04, 2014

South East Asia, Postcript

We are home, safe, now, and trying to digest it, so grateful for this journey.  Our group was  the most cohesive, fun-loving, and happy bunch of friends that we could have imagined.  Our guide, Lada, was simply outstanding in every way, and we felt like family with her by the end of the trip.  The same was true for our local guides who added immensely to the experience with their fun-loving, informative, and musical contributions to our time together.  We had perfect weather every day, not a drop of rain and more often we were chilly instead of hot.  For the most part, we stayed healthy and full of energy. We learned so much, saw so many amazing places, and some days felt as if our heads were going to explode from all the stimulation!   Now it is necessary to recover a bit, slow down, sleep, and dream some phantasmagorical travel dreams - many of us are having them, super colorful and rich and detailed.  Jet lag is slowly lifting. 

With the exception of today, most of my posts from SE Asia were made using only my iPhone for both photographs and writing (see above!).  It was often technically challenging and I've struggled with getting the photos to be bigger, and so many other issues. But I am happy that I took many of you along as we experienced this fantastic new world.   I hope you will have the actual pleasure of traveling in SE Asia too!  And now, for another little nap .......