Saturday, December 01, 2012

India Two Weeks Behind Us

We are finally feeling somewhat back to normal after a pretty brutal 10-day bout of extreme jet lag.  This was shared by everyone in our group, not just us.  We wrote encouraging (or discouraging) emails to each other comparing symptoms - inability to stay awake, inability to stay asleep, general feeling of stupor or stupidness, inability to focus, desire to just stare into space, desire to sleep all day, desire to sort idly through our photos and try to make sense of it all, weird and disturbing dreams when we were able to sleep, desire to go to movies all day and night, or to go shopping (some more).  We ran the gamut of misery until one day, about 10 days into it, suddenly the fog lifted and we began to feel like normal humans again.  At least that is true for me, and a couple of others I've talked to!

Today I've spent time uploading ALL of my India photos to my Picasa web albums, and making them available to the general public.  There are way too many, but I've eliminated about 500 of them so far and I'm tired of that, so I'm tossing the rest of them out there! For those in our group, I have had the intention to email you all the ones in which you appear, but that hasn't happened.  You should be able to download any that you want to have from this Picasa site.

Now, believe it or not, I'm working on our next travel plan.  It will be in January 2014, and will definitely include Vietnam, but perhaps also Cambodia, Laos, or Thailand.  I am certain that we will be able to find a group of about 15 compatible friends to fill this group, with so much advance planning time!  So think about it.....