Thursday, September 30, 2004

Sailing Away From Barcelona

Thursday noon here in Barcelona. We’ve walked our legs off, and seen the city from top to bottom, east to west, mountains to the sea. Yesterday we went to the beach and waded in the Mediterranean, ate fabulous seafood, drank cava (it´s a light, sparkling white wine much like champagne), watched the full moon over the beach, etc. We had memorable meals, one at Cal Pep where we simply sat at a counter and the food just kept arriving. We ordered nothing, but ate dish after dish of exquisite food – mixed fried seafood (with whole, tiny, crunchy fishes) was my favorite! It is sad to leave this sparkling city behind, but we have squeezed as much juice out of it as is humanly possible in a few short days! This afternoon we load onto the ship (Celebrity Millenium) and cruise on up to France tonight.

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