Sunday, July 09, 2006

Happy Wedding Day

Yesterday, July 8, we went to the wedding of Michelle and Cade, a joyous occasion for sure! Michelle has been in my life for many years. First she briefly dated my son, and then after that was over, she and I stayed close. She became a house-mate, and lived with us for a couple of years while completing her degree at UCSC and getting her teaching credential/masters degree. She met her wonderful Cade about 5 years ago, and the rest is history for them.

Michelle is a person of such stature, wisdom, maturity, high energy, and incredible integrity. Many people at the wedding (including her parents) talked about how she had changed their lives. I can relate. For me, she is an amazing friend. Despite the huge difference in our ages, she is one of the people I feel closest to in this world. I can talk to her about anything, and know that she truly listens, truly hears what I'm saying, and that she stands before me with her heart wide open. She has towering leadership ability. She has courage and passion. I consider her to be family - part daughter, part sister, part friend. She teaches junior high school kids, and I know that she is changing their lives too - how lucky they are to have such a sparkling and inspiring person in their lives.
This photo shows me with Cade and Michelle while we celebrated.
Here's wishing them a sweet honeymoon and a lifetime of married bliss!


robin andrea said...

What a beautiful couple. How wonderful that they found each other. And what a delight that they are in your life. Congratulations to them. Yes, bliss for a lifetime.

Mary ND said...

What a wonderful tribute and picture and friendship! Thanks for once again brightening my day and this world.

The Fat Lady Sings said...

Marriage should be a celebration of life. I wish them both health and happiness - and a long, fruitful journey. Congratulations!