Friday, September 08, 2006

On the Road - Midwest

After leaving our friends in North Dakota, we headed east, eventually into Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes. The landscape turned from brown to bright green. There were little lakes everywhere. That night, Tuesday, we stayed in a little town called Fergus Falls, MN, unremarkable in every way. On Wednesday we stopped in Minneapolis at the Walker Art Center, and spent a couple of hours looking at the exciting contemporary art in their collection.

By Wednesday night we had driven down into the corny state of Iowa, and spent the night at Cedar Rapids. We passed the Spam Museum (didn't see it in time to turn off for a visit - darn!) and were delayed at a traffic intersection in the middle of nowhere while a long tractor parade passed through - go figure??!!

Yesterday (Thursday) we finally saw the Mississippi River when we stopped for lunch in Hannibal, Missouri (home of Mark Twain). We bought sandwiches and took them up onto the river levee for a picnic. While we sat there, someone played old-timey songs on a calliope on a river paddleboat. It was joyful and so evocative of that whole Mississippi River culture. Later we arrived at our hotel in St. Louis, had a delicious "tapas" dinner, then rested up to prepare for today when we must put up the booth and art exhibit that begins tonight and goes through the weekend. Let's hope that Daniella kicks butt!

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