Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Self Contained

So where did we leave off? Getting happier. Doing a little painting. Working a few days. Losing my mind over politics. Being busy. Yes, all of that. And now, spring is here in Santa Cruz. Magnolias, tulips, daffodils, flowering fruit trees, golden acacia, all are testaments to the turning of the seasons and the lifting of the spirits, big time. Spring is always my favorite time of the year. It's not just about being a spring-born baby, but because of the joy of warm days, flowers bursting out, birds singing, the perfumed air, the green, wet, juiciness of everything. I've been taking long walks, breathing deeply, and smiling.

For some reason I have been painting again. It seems that the artist's block I've struggled with has now gone away for awhile. I'm feeling more free, more experimental, and giving myself permission to just spend hours dabbling with color and shape (see above).

We have also seen a few absolutely terrific films. On Sunday we went to a Jewish film festival and saw one called Wrestling With Angels, about the playwright Tony Kushner (Angels in America). I also really enjoyed a German film called Other People's Lives, a brilliant and thoughtful piece about pre-war East Germany, a story about living in a society where the government spies on everything and everyone (sound familiar folks?). The other one that I can recommend is Breach, the film about the spy, Peter Hanson, who was apprehended at his job in the CIA after selling US secrets for years to the Russians. All of these films raised fascinating social and political issues, and were riveting to watch.

The world is still making me crazy. Hooray that Libby got convicted, but he is a small fish in a very big and fetid pond. It seems like there is no end to the corruption, greed, and foolishness, the arrogant disregard for the views of the general public, the lacerating of the Constitution, the torture and slaughter of innocent people, and the twisted logic that spins and spins and spins to support it all. I mean, gag me with a pitchfork! I can't watch 'W' or listen to his insipid voice for more than about 10 seconds without wanting to smash something!

Anyway, that's all the news for tonight my friends. Sweet dreams.


robin andrea said...

Spring is arriving slowly here. The crocus are blooming, daffodils too. Trees limbs still bare, but the leaf buds are ready. We're waiting.

I find it very difficult to pay attention to politics without feeling hated by my own country. The right is at war with us, and they let us know all the time. I'm reading a book by Thom Hartmann Screwed: The Undeclared War on the Middle Class. If you want a historical perspective on the war against us, take a look.

Your painting is beautiful. I love the colors and the design.

Anonymous said...

Yummy, yummy paintings. So bold and beautiful.

Hope to see them in person soon!


Lulu Maude said...

Spring begins May 1 in Vermont. My daffodils are still in deep sleep under the snow.

I love your paintings. It's good that you are painting again. You certainly have a gift.

We just saw a lovely Chinese film last weekend called Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles. I recommend it, too.