Sunday, December 31, 2000

Ayutthya Part 3

Since some photos are on iPhone and some on iPad these posts are a bit jumbled and out of sequence. Bear with me! The second half of the Ayutthya World Heritage tour was to a stunning temple complex all in ruins. Here we saw remnants of a once great monument brought down by wars and deliberate destruction of the temple, presumably to get all the gold. Things never change!

We visited a small local one-room "factory" where they make cotton candy. When it's done' they sell it in bags. They make a small crepe and roll up the cotton candy in the crepe, like a little burrito. We all had one!

Later we went to an elephant camp and hung out with some jumbos.

As if the day wasn't packed already, we opted for hour-long Thai massages ($10) in the evening. Very athletic and intense. The masseuse uses her body weight and knees, forearms, feet and palms of hands. No oils. We are wearing big, loose pajamas. Every joint and muscle pulled and yanked and pressed. Not for the faint of heart! So glad we tried it!

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Location:Ayutthya, Thailand

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