Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Culinary Creativity

Lately I've been lamenting my blocked creativity. But I woke up in the night last night and had a thought - hey! I've been cooking up a storm. During the last few days, those who have been celebrating with me have been treated to many fine things:

Chicken enchiladas
Pasilla peppers stuffed with quinoa, mushrooms, and goat cheese
Deviled crab
Creme brulee
Fruit compote of persimmons, pomegranates, blueberries, and cherries
Cream cheese balls rolled in crushed wasabi peas
Huevos rancheros
Giant salads
Chicken soups
....... and much more!

I'm getting on a roll with southwestern food. I'm seriously loving everything with peppers, chipotle, corn, beans. In the winter time, those flavors hit the spot for me. So I thought I'd give a report today, creativity is flowing but just in a different channel!


robin andrea said...

Yum. I'd love to see your chicken enchilada recipe. We haven't made that in a long time, and it does sound like a good winter dish. I like what you've been cooking.

The Fat Lady Sings said...

Cooking is cathartic - don't you think? I liken it to gardening or carpentry - creating something wondrous out of comparatively nothing. That – and I love working with my hands. I have a heightened sense of touch – so mushing around in things really makes me happy. And I'd like some of those recipes as well, my dear (especially the enchiladas!).

DivaJood said...

Yum. All kinds of things I'm getting afraid to eat, though.

Happy New Year!