Saturday, October 17, 2009

Korea Day 2, A Parade, A Wedding, A Festival

In the interest of brevity, today there will be more photos than words. We had another fabulous day, and in the middle of a morning wander, suddenly bumped into a parade. Of course we followed it, and found out that what we were seeing was the reenactment of the royal wedding ceremony of Emperor Gojong and Empress Myungsung in the 1880's. Here's some of what we saw:

The parade went around a corner and down the street to a Palace, where we then latched on to the festivities for the bride:

We did not stay for the actual wedding, because we had a date with Wendy's adopted daughter, Betsy, who took us on for the next event, the Hongik Art Design Festival, at one of the university campuses. Art was terrific!

As for food, we ate some of those dumplings I showed you yesterday, scrumptious! And last night we had dinner in a restaurant carved out of a cave-like rock underground! Food is divine, every bite! We are, no doubt about it, in an unimagined heaven!!
We're running out the door the the 2009 Design Olympiad, at a stadium where we have to go by subway. Wish us luck! Remember to ask us about our careening cab rides yesterday, hurtling through Seoul at light speed, jabbering away with the cab driver in two languages and laughing until it hurt, and about the Medicinal Herb festival we went to, and about the dozens of galleries we visited..... Later!

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Patty Wooten said...

WOW! A parade. I love a parade, the photos are fabulous. I am imagining you all continuing down the bliss path each day. Kudos to you all. Who would have thought that Korea had such Seoul.
Love ya,