Thursday, October 15, 2009

Korea Day #1

Yesterday was the start of our newest and most excellent adventure. We flew overnight from SF on Singapore Airlines to Seoul, Korea. We're traveling for fun with our pals Wendy and Judy, sisters, and both artists, and both delicious company in every way! Our flight was the best ever. Each of the 4 of us had a full row of 3 seats on which to recline. Each seat came with a personal TV screen and remote, where one could select from 150 movies, 170 TV shows, 750 music CD's, 65 games, and 22 radio channels, just for starters. We immediately visualized staying up all night watching movies, which was pretty much what happened! (see me above not sleeping). Each seat was spacious and comfortable, especially compared with US flights we've had recently. They gave us pillows, blankets, washcloths, toothbrushes and toothpaste, hot towels, 2 delicious full meals (Indian vegetarian for us), tons of snacks, free wine and cocktails. Airline personnel were finely tuned to cater to every whim with complete politeness and friendliness. And this was in economy class. Can you imagine what those folks in First Class were getting??!!??

Arrived here at about 4:30 am California time, about 6:30 pm Korea time, so we came straight to our hotel suite and, after a brief foray down the block, and around the hotel, we crashed for the night. Up at 4:30 this morning, but that's an adjustment that will take awhile!

We're staying in the Fraser Suites, Insadong, 12th floor, an absolutely stunning apartment with every amenity imaginable. We just went down for our breakfast (included) and ate ourselves silly on a combination of Western and Asian foods. My favorite so far was a hot rice porridge with lots of veggies, topped by scallions, dried seaweed slivers, and a salty soy sauce. Yum!! We'll go out exploring soon. Weather is gray and rain is predicted today, but so far so good! More soon.


MaryDakota said...

So nice to see you blogging again, Kim. I love that you gave us a heads up via email.

Anonymous said...

So glad you chose the Orient for your sojourn! Eat all the tropical fruits for me! How long will you be there? ENJOY!