Saturday, March 31, 2012

Week 4: Food and Me, Watching Old Habits Die

Just coming to the end of Week 4 on the new meal plan.  I have definitely settled into it.  Ten pounds have dropped away.  My sinus/allergy problems are completely gone.  I feel energized and strong.  No food cravings at all.  Best of all, my accupuncturist yesterday told me that my tongue looks 100% better than when I started with her a month ago.  She says it looks like the tongue of a small child in terms of health.  I have no idea what that means, but my body knows that things are better.  I am happy to continue with this new lifestyle for as long as it takes - my goal is to get off of high blood pressure meds, and never need them again.

It has been interesting to watch how my old habits still operate, even though they are not driven by food cravings any longer.  I still have the urge to stop at bakeries, to scout out the best mocha-chai, to drive across town for a chocolate croissant or a gordita.  But I'm watching this with the awareness that it is simply about long-ingrained habit, not about actually wanting those things.  It's just "what I do" when I have time on my hands.  So I've been doing other things with my time.  For example, I've become a Pinterest addict and can spend happy hours looking at beautiful art work, photography, and other great things on-line and creating albums of what I like best.  It is fun, inspiring, and free.  There are other new habits I'm working on, like writing and making art, going to the gym almost every day and trying new classes, and striving to be the best grandma ever.  Life is definitely good!

That's all for now. Got to go make my breakfast smoothie!  Yum!

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