Friday, May 11, 2012

Keep It Moving

The more I learn about health, the more fascinating it becomes.  Recently the New York Times had a wonderful article entitled Don't Just Sit There.   Basically the message is that to be healthy, we need to move - a lot.  Sitting does not serve us.  In fact, inactivity actually contributes to disease and a shorter life span.   The writer says that lack of movement disrupts DNA repair mechanisms, drops insulin response, increases oxidative stress, and slows metabolic activity within individual muscle cells after as little as 48 hours of inactivity.  She also said that watching an hour of television can snip 22 minutes from someone’s life.  People who watch (sit), on average, 7 hours for TV have shorter life spans and worse health.  Even standing up is healthier, and she recommends rearranging your work station, computer desk, or TV viewing habits so that you can do more standing.  One suggestion I loved, and have taken up, is to brush your teeth while standing on one leg (alternating legs).  This is harder than it sounds, but great for strengthening core muscles.  I'm practicing!

Also, I've gotten into a great routine of going to the gym 6 mornings a week.  On Monday it is Body Pump (weight lifting class), Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Water Aerobics, Wednesday is Zumba, and Friday is called Muscle Blast, also using weights and other strength training.  I have come to enjoy all of these, especially the variety.  And I enjoy the feeling of having new muscle mass in my arms and legs, the ability to put my socks on while standing up in the middle of the room (versus sitting or leaning on something), not getting winded when walking up hills and multiple staircases, and other little pleasures of getting more fit.

So lots of progress!  I've lost 17 pounds.  I'm on half the blood pressure meds now, and everything is going well.  I have no food cravings, and am quite happy continuing to eat the Dr. Hyman way.  Onward and upward!

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