Sunday, December 24, 2017

Wishing you joy-filled holidays, good health, and especially Peace On Earth for us all this year.  Of course 2017 has been a mix of the great and the terrible.  For us, the big deal was moving out of our old Walnut house (me after 44 years) and moving into our delightful new home, the remodeled studio in the back yard.  It is 800 square feet, and everything we have dreamed of in a small home (yes, we downsized for 2 years to make it work!).   The photos below show the living room, kitchen, loft, and exterior.

The other great joy of 2017 has been the family.  Our grandchildren are now 2.5 (Addie), 5.5 (Elliette) and 9.5 (Desmond).  We have delighted in watching them grow up and try out new things and reveal who they will be as they develop their own interests and personalities.  We have also had special times with my 3 "kids", Annie, Tommy, Phil (and Megan).  Photos below show:  Desmond with his soccer trophy, Annie and Tommy holding Addie, Phil and Megan with the 3 grandchildren,  Addie at the "kissing" porthole in her preschool, where parents say goodbye, Elliette dancing in blue.

Daniella & I celebrated 25 very happy years together.  In this photo, we are watching Desmond play baseball, with Elliette and Addie.

While we have many days of total despair about the US political scene, we also hold tight to the vision of a more compassionate, generous, kind world, one where differences are celebrated and helping others is the most natural behavior for everyone.  We can dream!  In that spirit, we reach out to you, dear friends and family, with our love and our gratitude that you are part of our community of best pals!  Let's all keep our lights shining in the months ahead!


robin andrea said...

I love your dream and your family! Happiest of New Year wishes to you and your loved ones.

Gayle Ortiz said...

I love your new nest, Kim! And what a lovely family!