Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mexico - last day

Sitting in the lobby of the Hermosillo Hilton, waiting for an airport shuttle on the first leg of our journey home today. I've gotten hopelessly behind with my intention of writing a daily blog post. First, we've been having too much fun to stop and write about it. Irregular wifi also was a factor. But I can't leave here without a few words about how great it has been.

Mexico is a lovely country, and it's people are charming and friendly. All of us on this journey agree that we felt completely safe here, even out walking alone at night in the middle of huge celebrations or on quiet back streets. We never had a moment of doubt about our safety.

Mexico is extravagantly colorful, artistic, playful and celebratory. There is always a fiesta happening or about to happen. We had so many days of complete surprise and delight. Just when we thought "it couldn't get any better than this", the next day raised the bar again! We had great food, dazzling river cruises, visits to many villages, and time to explore deeply the many fine parts of Chiapas.

A lot of this is directly attributable to the outstanding preparation and knowledge of Betsy McNair, our fearless leader. She has such a zest for helping us fall in love with Mexico, as she has for so many others for the last 20 years. Her commitment to our enjoyment just shines through every moment. I can't recommend My Mexico Tours highly enough. We want to come back and bring friends and family to share in the fun and the pleasure and joy.

Now we are ready to come home, tired, but eager to be back in the saddles of "real life" again. But we are so grateful for these two excellent weeks in this bright world!

Location:Calle La Palma,Centro,Mexico

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