Saturday, December 17, 2005

Home Alone Too

Daniella and Zuma hit the road on Thursday to head up to Whidbey Island for the holidays. Here's a picture of them on the island a couple of winters ago - and so far, they report back that it is bitterly cold in the Pacific NW, but no snow. So I've been home alone with Lola, a very relaxing companion. I've been busy with a wide variety of little household chores - winterizing water pipes, cleaning out the fridge, reorganizing my art supplies. I took time this morning to go to the Farmer's Market, always a sensual delight. Here it Santa Cruz, it is in full winter mode, with huge pomegranates, holly and mistletoe, wreaths made of Australian protea flowers (stunning), free samples of hot mulled cider from our friends Annaliese and Mike (Malabar Trading Company), and a huge array of root vegetables, squashes, beets, celery root, parsnips, etc. There were many homemade jams and relishes, gourmet chocolate, cheeses, and fresh oysters on the half shell. Oh, and, don't panic, it's all organic! Yum!

It's about to rain, much needed after the summery weather we had throughout November and early December. My inclination is to curl up and read by the fire. I've got a couple of New Yorkers calling to me, and am nearly through The Historian, a fascinating tale that rambles all over eastern Europe. I wish I was rambling there myself, but I'm also very glad to be here. It's a balancing act to give myself "down time" when there are always so many things that I "should" work on. Just checking in from that little tightrope called "life"!

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Rexroth's Daughter said...

It's true about the weather in the northwest. 20 degrees here this morning with a clear blue sky. It may rain tomorrow. If it's this cold, we'll get snow.
Curling up with a good book by a fire sounds great. Enjoy your down time, it often gives way to great art!