Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My Blog is Backwards

Writing a blog has been a learning process for me. There probably is a way to do it differently, and most definitely I could have been smarter before just plunging in - but hey, at least I plunged in! Here's the thing: what you post first ends up on the bottom of the blog, and all the subsequent posts pile on top. This is logical and terrific for anyone posting on a daily basis. But for me, as a beginner, it reads a lot better to begin at the bottom of my blog and work your way up to the top. Who knew? I sure didn't understand that I couldn't go back in and rearrange it. And I started it as a longish letter, then broke it apart into posts. So for those of you who have a sense of going down the rabbit hole as you read my posts, yes you probably are doing that!


Dotty Stripes said...

Sigrid dearest. This is so so so cool. I think it would be great if you sent this to Lin and Shayna. A wonderful job. I love the pic of you in Shayna's grass. It is quite fab. Don't stop! You rock!

Rexroth's Daughter said...

Absolutely love your blog, SJ. It's spectacular. You are a fantastic writer, and your art is breathtaking. Just one more way to express yourself. This blogging is addictive!

BTW-- I agree entirely with your sentiments about retirement. I told the pirate just yesterday that this past year has been the happiest of my life.