Monday, April 17, 2006

Past, Present, Future

As seen on Tara Dharma!

20 Years Ago I...
1. Was enduring the first year of a bad new marriage, and had already taken one of my children and run away from home for a week!
2. Was working full-time at the university.
3. Was commuting twice a week to JFK University in Orinda to take classes in “interdisciplinary consciousness studies”, (woo woo) but it was actually terrific!

10 Years Ago I...
1. Was celebrating a 4 year anniversary with my new love thang…
2. My children were moving out, going to college, getting jobs.
3. Had finished treatment for breast cancer and was feeling good again.

5 Years Ago I...
1. Began visiting Whidbey Island, where my sweetie bought a vacation home. Fell in love with a place, big time.
2. Was thinking about retirement after 20+ years.
3. Had moved to a new job at the U, and was refreshed by the change!

1 Year Ago I...
1. Was retired (as of July ’04) and getting excited about my new life style (slowing down!)
2. Began taking art classes and learning how to draw and paint.
3. Celebrated having owned my home in Santa Cruz for 30 years!

So Far This Year I...
1. Have begun blogging.
2. Have have been studying life drawing and beginning painting.
3. Lost our wonderful dog, Lola, after 13 fantastic years of her company.

Yesterday I...
1. Took several walks with our little dog, Zuma.
2. Began a new painting.
3. Was treated to a FABULOUS and extravagant 'tapas' dinner at the home of some lovely friends.

Today I...
1. Am working on a little part-time job.
2. Will go to class later tonight and draw somebody’s beautiful body.
3. Am wearing a watermelon-colored shirt, mmmmm….

Tomorrow I will ...
1. Celebrate my birthday..
2. Go for a hot tub and dinner out…
3. Hope my kids remember me….;-)


Rexroth's Daughter said...

I'll add two things, where our lives intersected and for which I have enormous gratitude:

Fourteen years ago you hired me at the unversity, and a wonderful friendship was born!

Two years ago we ran into each other at Orchard Supply and through casual conversation discovered that we were going to be part-time neighors--you on Whidbey and us on the peninsula!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wishing you the very best.

Sigrid Jardin said...

Thanks RD, and yes, those were wonderful intersections for me too! So glad you're in my life and add such richness and texture to my everyday musings! xoxo

TDharma said...

Aw, thank you for the peek into your past, present and future. And a very happy birthday to you, Sigrid! I would love to meet you sometime!

donna said...

Have a great birthday!

Endment said...

Wonderful retrospective
Happy Birthday!