Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Promise of a New Year

We are poised on the turning of the year. Tonight we are heading to a party - something we have rarely done in many recent years. We of the quiet evenings, early-ish bedtimes, are set to go out and celebrate the end of this dismal and shame-filled year (politically speaking)! Like so many others, we feel the prescience of something newer and, of course, better, just over the horizon. In this moment, I am thinking of my many friends and family members around the world, and wishing for all of you, and all of us, and all of the world a better new year. A happy new year! Try to imagine it, and if enough of us can imagine it, maybe we can make it manifest!

Can't resist one more clip of the little one - now there is a great reason to hope and rejoice in the newness of the world!

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MaryDakota said...

Ooh, thank you for posting this video clip of beautiful baby and his beautiful grandmom! Hope does spring eternal.