Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Listen to the Mockingbird

A few days ago, some Facebook folks posted a cheery little youTube video of a young girl jumping up and down on her bathroom vanity, shouting a string of wild affirmations into the mirror about herself and her world. It was striking in its intensity and spontanaeity, a moment of pure and innocent joy in being alive.

This morning, lying in bed listening to one of the many neighborhood mockingbirds that light up daybreak with their lovely and varied songs, and in-air somersaults, I thought of that little girl. I love our mockingbird morning concerts, because for me they are a reminder to rejoice in just being able to be awake, alive, and participating in what happens here on earth. They are a gift of pure beauty, a vibrant pulse in life's heartbeat. Thanks, little birds!


Judy Grubbs said...

Kim I ran across your blog and saw you used your iPad in Europe. My husband and I are going on a 14 day Mediterranean cruise and I wanted to use my iPad. Could you tell me how you connected to the Internet and what the cost was? It looks like you had a great time .

Kim Tyler said...

Hi Judy, I wish I had your email address, and hope you'll remember to look at this! The iPad connects to wireless wherever it can find it. It was reasonably easy wherever we traveled. Most hotels offer it. All the airports have it, for a fee. And there are many other places - cafes, etc. Sometimes I just asked people if I could log on to their network for 1/2 hour to read email (when I detected a wireless network requiring a password). I would ask the cruise line about access - I'm sure they will have it! Have a wonderful trip!