Saturday, May 15, 2010


For those who are interested, our tour was organized by Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT), and in my opinion it was great value for the money, and super well-organized and exciting. I see on their web site that you can catch a last-minute reservation for the same trip we had for as little as $1995 per person!

It goes without saying that one's traveling companions can make or break the travel! We were fortunate to have a lovely group for our time in Turkey, and now seems like an appropriate moment to acknowledge that and say farewell to all of you! Most of these photos were taken by Daniella, who has the best eye!

First of all, our fantastic guide, Erol, who was like a walking encyclopedia of knowledge about Turkey, past and present, and who surprised us every day with new "discoveries". Amazing person!Judy and Joe (below)
Wendy & Roger (below)
The irrepressible Daniella (below)
Bob & Linda (below)
Edie and Nonie (sisters, below)
Marilyn and Mary Kay (below)
Don and Maida (below)
Thanks everyone for adding to our fun and laughter! Happy trails to you all.

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