Sunday, November 04, 2012

A Sunday Drive in India

We had a fairly long and highly picturesque drive yesterday , mostly through a series of rural villages and some remarkably beautiful farming areas. The roads were pretty bad, tons of bumps and potholes, and the usual need to share the road with every variety of animal and vehicle. I took pictures all along the way and of course wished we were going slower because if "the ones that got away! Anyway here are some random shots to give you a flavor. Most people seem to live outdoors or at least have beds outdoors at this time of year. We were told that they burn water buffalo dung patties at night for warmth and to keep away Mosquitos. We saw many times where these patties were lined up on walls or pavements drying in the sun. We saw hundreds of water buffalo, people bathing near water tanks, women working construction sites in saris, and sooooo much more! We saw lentils and guavas and mustard fields. Our brains are on overload. Here are a few random "on the road" photos. In a few minutes I'll post another about the rest of the day!

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Location:MDR 111,,India

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