Friday, November 09, 2012

Travel Day

Early morning at Agra Station, trying to catch the 8:11 train towards Bhopal.

Our carry-on bags piled up.

Some trains for Desmond.

Our travel car.

Crowds on platform.

A baby traveler, with kohl painted eyes.

Porters loading up our luggage.

People waiting on station platform at Jhansi.

OAT rep waiting for us.

Random street scenes. Barbershop= 1 chair, 1 mirror, 1 razor.

Get a degree here.

Market crowd.

Herd of cows shares the highway.

Village crossroad.

Study in colors.

Being greeted with marigolds at lunch stop.

Village women.

Where Luxury has No End.

Typical truck, decorated to the max.

Village scene.

Roadside conversation. We traveled all day, by train and then bus, to Khajurajo, through many villages and small towns and farmlands. Fascinating!

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