Friday, November 09, 2012

The Rest of the Day

Well our Thursday morning was all about visiting the Taj Mahal. We were there at sunrise. It was magnificent, as expected, and then we came back to the hotel for a late breakfast. This morning we had a local speciality, poori, topped with a vegetable curry called sambhal. The poori are delicate, puffy dumplings, fried, and SO delicious. Hade I mentioned that the food in India is heavenly good, surprisingly varied, and abundant??! And spicy!

In the early afternoon we visited the Agra Fort, a huge complex (2 miles in circumference) of open plazas, labyrinthine rooms, sleeping pavilions. All designed by Iranian architects in the 1500's and delicately decorated with carved stone and tile work. It was home to several Mughal rulers and still mostly intact.

Later we visited the so-called Moonlight Garden directly across the river from the Taj and a favorite viewing spot of the back side if that monument. It was a lovely oasis in Agra which seemed more gritty, dirty, and crowded than anywhere else we have been. Not a fun town and definitely did not invite strolling around through the streets!

We stopped for dinner at a delightful small vegetarian place where the food was yummy and they even gave us directions on how to eat it!

Location:Agra, India

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