Friday, December 26, 2008


We made it back home! Coming over the Siskyou Pass, through the freezing mountains, we had the opportunity to find out what we are made of (once again) as we lay down in the wet ice on the shoulder of I-5 and tried to untangle the chains wrapped around the wheel axles! We are made of tough and fine stuff!! We butch-ly donned and removed chains several times on that journey home, and got here safely.

Arrived Christmas evening to find the whole family gathered, and a fabulous dinner on the table waiting for us. We are tired, but so happy to be here. Here is a little video clip of Desmond, my grandson, during the festivities. Hope you can see it, and then understand why we were racing to get back here!


robin andrea said...

He is absolutely adorable. Of course you had to come home for that little, dancing cherub. Glad you made it home safely. What a journey.

Lulu Maude said...

Aren't tire chains a drag? I remember renting them for trips to Tahoe when I lived in SCruz.

One of the nice things about living in VT is snow tires.

Cute baby!

Adagio said...

Couldn't think of another way to contact you. Blogging has become a VERY intermittent pastime for me. But yours doesn't seem very up-to-date either so you probably can identify with that state of affairs. I'll leave this foot print and you can follow it if you so wish. Ciao.