Monday, December 22, 2008

A Little Laughter

A close friend sent us a wonderful YouTube video clip of a performance, in England, by Robin Williams, introduced by John Cleese. He talks about the Obama election, and so much more - a wonderful collection of zaniness! Thank you Connie!!!!

Daniella, this morning, said that we now have a PhD in Snow (that is, Piled High and Deep). It snowed all night again, and now there is about 18 inches on the ground, making it almost impossible for the dogs to take a walk (where are they?), and also for us to make much headway in our sneakers (yes, we don't have any appropriate footwear for this weather!). It is light and powdery, with ice below. Yikes! Yesterday we were able to take quite a good walk up the hill. Today I don't think we will be able to walk beyond the driveway unless things radically change somehow - but the forecast is ...... you guessed it ...... snow!

We just spent time trimming Django's fur with scissors, so that perhaps he won't get so bogged down when he goes outside. This morning he went a few yards and could not even move, he had so much snow clumped to his fur.

Late afternoon bulletin: we have made a snap decision to "go for it" and try to leave the island tomorrow and head for California. There is a one-day window of opportunity where the snow storms are not happening and we want to see if we can get down to warmer temperatures, somewhere in Oregon tomorrow night. We'll stick to I-5 all day, to be as safe as we can. Hope we don't run into any troubles! We have chains, and common sense. Let's hope we also have luck!

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