Monday, December 15, 2008

Thinking of you at the Holidays

This note is written from snowy Whidbey Island, where we are spending a few precious days before returning to Santa Cruz for the holidays. (That is, if the weather lets us leave the island... the forecast is for more snow this week, and continued freezing temperatures.) Brrrrr - we California girls are not used to this! But our little dogs love it!
This year has seen the joyful addition of a new family member, little Desmond, born in July to Phil & Megan. He is our first grandchild, and like every grandparent, we KNOW that he is the best baby ever, in every way possible - cute, smart, mellow, already way ahead of his crowd, etc. etc. Needless to say, the spoiling has begun! We couldn't be more thrilled.In other ways the year has been great for us. Daniella won two big art awards, the Gail Rich award and the Rydell Fellowship, both given out to excellent artists in the Santa Cruz area. She has had her best professional year ever, and is immersed in so many projects that her studio seems to buzz at a frenzied energy level. I spent June and July on Whidbey Island, and we both traveled to Toronto for a small vacation/art workshop (for D). I also had a week with my brother in Sarasota, Florida, in September.

I've had a little work at the university (part time recall) during the fall, and also got involved in a huge garden makeover (front yard) that happily occupied several of my days. We both worked on the political campaign, doing phone calls for Obama, walking precincts, and for me, working at the voting place all day on election day.

The election itself was thrilling, and gives us hope that the world might get back on a more rational, humane track again. It is devastating to hear of the many people who have lost jobs, homes, pensions, savings, and so much more. What a mess we're in - it will take all of us to fix it.

If you are receiving this letter it is because you are one of the people whom I cherish in my life! I wish you happy holidays, a healthy and safe new year, and the chance to give and receive love, the ultimate healer. I hope that our paths will cross and we will be able to share precious time together in the months ahead.


MaryDakota said...

Wonderful to see you back, Kim! I was hoping little Desmond might inspire you to start posting photos and more!

Lulu Maude said...

Nice to hear from you. Blessed holidays and a sparkly new administration... er year... to you!