Monday, May 01, 2006

Big Sur Marathon Weekend

We spent the weekend in Carmel and Big Sur. Every year, for the past several years, I've been walking the 10.6 mile walk in the Big Sur Marathon. It is one of the most gorgeous walks in the world, as Highway 1 south is closed from Carmel to Big Sur, for runners of the marathon and walkers of the walk! We went down on Saturday morning with our great friends, Johna and Rosemary, to pick up our registration packets and walkers "bibs". We strolled around Monterey for awhile and then went over to a favorite place, Tarpey's Road House, for a most delicious lunch. Later we went down to Carmel, stopped in at Highland's Gallery to see Daniella's beautiful paintings on display, and then went for a good walk down to the Carmel beach, and around some of the scenic neighborhoods in the back streets of Carmel - a thoroughly charming little town. Finally we stayed in a motel not far from there, and were at the buses at 6 am on Sunday, ready for the walk.

Walkers are driven by bus down to Rocky Point, where we are dropped off. There is always a breakfast offered down there for the walkers, and at 7:30 the horn blasts and we're off! Only 10.6 miles to the finish line! Our group always makes an effort to have a new "personal best" every year for taking the longest time to finish the walk! We purposely stroll along, enjoying every minute of this glorious opportunity to be on the "ragged edge of the Western World", as it was described on some runner's T-shirts. In past years we have seen whales migrating north, near our walk. This year we did not see any whales, but there were seals and otters and sea birds, and spectacular coast line, and spectacular homes in the Carmel Highlands area. We made it to the finish line at about noon. Our bodies were tired but it was exhilirating to have walked so far and loved every minute. Here are some photos from the day!Finish Line! We made it!


Rexroth's Daughter said...

You all look fantastic, and the coast is as beautiful as ever. How fun. There are a few things I miss about California, and definitely the Big Sur coast is one of them.

Sigrid Jardin said...

RD, thought about you and DPR all day as we were walking. I know you both would have loved being there! And the day was truly glorious.

Endment said...

The photos make me wish for a chance to walk along the coast... We used to walk from La Selva along the sand toward Fort Ord. Not quite as lovely as your walk but very quiet and lovely.
I can smell the salt air and almost feel the sand in my shoes :)

Barb Cabot said...

Wonderful photos, you've made some great memories this weekend! Thanks for sharing.

TDharma said...

great photos, very beautiful scenery and women!!

Tarpey's is one of my favorites, too! We always stop there for lunch on our way to Tassajara for 3 days.

I have good friends who walked the 10k as well -- but they didn't take any beautiful photos! Lovely to look at, thanks much.