Wednesday, May 24, 2006

End of Life Drawing Class

Monday night was our last life drawing class with a model. Our teacher this semester, Noah Buchanan, has been just outstanding. His lectures on anatomy were beautifully illustrated, and amply rich in depth and detail. He had such a broad and deep grasp of the subject matter, and always kept it interesting. The class was very challenging, highly focused, and each week demanded more of us in understanding how to portray the human body. Noah played great music while we were drawing too! Here's my last drawing for the class.


Endment said...

How much fun you must have had, your drawings are so loose and free.

robin andrea said...

How beautiful, sigrid. This model has so much presence in your drawing. Quite lovely.

TDharma said...

breasts and belly are touchable...lovely!

Sounds like a great class and you've learned a lot. Very nice.