Sunday, January 15, 2006

Andy Goldsworthy's Walls

I'm a big fan of the artist Andy Goldsworthy. I saw a show of his work in San Jose a few years ago, and have collected several books about him. Last summer I had the great delight of going to the Storm King sculpture garden along the Hudson River in New York State. They have a meandering Andy Goldsworthy wall that I think of often - it was so thrilling to be able to see it up close, be able to walk along beside it, and view it from many perspectives. It runs down a hill and winds through some medium-sized trees, seems to disappear into a lake, and then reappears and continues on the other side.
One of the things I like to think about is how Goldsworthy makes art out of whatever is available. He does not need a studio, a lot of tools or materials, the perfect conditions. He simply uses what is on-hand. He works in rain, snow, or sunshine. He stays close to the earth, which is his source. His eye looks at the same things we all look at when we are out in nature, but it sees possibilities that are unimaginable to the average person. He has the eye of an artist. How did he get that? Was he born with it, did his parents train him to look in a certain way, did some accident set him on his course? I am humbled when I look at his art by my own paucity of imagination. I'm so glad he is in the world, and helping us to see the precious beauty in all that is around us!

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Dotty Stripes said...

quite lovely Sigrid. Thanks for this vision. Splendid.