Saturday, January 07, 2006

On The Road Again

After 2 days of travelling through what must be the Washington/Oregon monsoon season, we are in Redding, Ca. where we stopped for the night. Here it is dry, although the monsoon is following us from Oregon and should arrive here this morning. We experienced first-hand why people talk about rain falling “in sheets”. I would say it was falling in sheets and blankets and waterfalls. It made for a wonderful landscape on the side of the road where many of the fields were flooded, and glassy. The waterfowl were dropping in along the way, and the snowy mountains were reflected in these impromptu pools.

Mount Shasta was majestic in her white robes, and - for once - visible all the way to the top. However the driving conditions were harrowing, and we are glad to be off the road.

On Thursday night we were in Portland, for another artistic adventure. We visited several galleries in “The Pearl” district of Portland with our good friends Jan and Shirl. After dinner we spent the night at the home of the adorable and talented Lin Haak, the oil painter from our summer art camp. Lin has been working on so many projects, including an oil painting that we fell in love with last summer and wanted to take home with us. It is almost ready to go! We looked at a lot of her beautiful paintings, and talked into the night.
This painting of Lin's is not the one we're getting, but one she painted at our friend, Shane's house.

Zuma has been the best little traveller - she sleeps through a lot of the driving, then leaps into activity when we get to a stop. She is flexible and good natured, all the way - couldn’t ask for a better little road tripper!

The plan is to be back in Santa Cruz this afternoon (Saturday).

Last but certainly not least, for a great read check out Will Durst's piece on Alternet today!


Rexroth's Daughter said...

So, you must be home by now. It looks like your journey was a good one. Wonderful art all the way south!

Sigrid Jardin said...

We're back in (what is that???) sunny SC. Took a long warm walk this morning, got too hot for our jackets. It is good to dry out!