Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Others At the Table

I mentioned that we had a wonderful gathering of young people this weekend, and posted photos of my two sons on my last blog. Here are some of the other people who were with us at the table. At the left is my adorable niece, Amy. You saw her wedding photograph in an earlier blog of mine (Art is Everywhere, posted December 12). She lives in New Hampshire and works at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Fellows Program. This picture of Amy is how I experienced her this weekend - present, loving, practicing deep listening. What a huge treat that she came here for the long MLK holiday weekend! Thanks to Jet Blue's low air fares, we expect to see lots more of her in the weeks ahead. Yippee!!

Megan (below) is my daughter-in-law, Phil's wife. This is an old photo from their wedding in 2003, the best I could come up with today. This woman is on a permanent shining pedestal as far as I am concerned. She is everything anyone could want for a daughter in law - she is loving, smart, resourceful, patient, fun, healthy, generous, level-headed, beautiful inside and out - just the best. She teaches mathematics at Cabrillo Community College.

Cara is Amy's close friend from Santa Cruz. She and her family own and operate the Pacific Cookie Company, makers of the most fabulous cookies in town. Cara and her husband are expecting their first baby in the spring. See her glow??!!

Another niece, Laura, is a talented, gorgeous and brilliant young architect with Fernau Hartman, Berkeley. Big news was hearing about a new guy in her life and watching her sparkle when she talked about him. We always love it when Laura visits us!

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Rexroth's Daughter said...

It's like a beauty pageant right around your table. I love looking at these young and glowing faces. The future could be bright, that's what I feel when I see these women.