Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Off the Track with Lola

The last couple of days we've been dealing with the sudden illness of our beloved dog, Lola. She began to rapidly decline on Saturday. The vet tells us that her heart is not working right, and she needs a pacemaker to survive. But this cannot be done locally, and we are talking with the UC Davis vets to see if she could get an appointment up there. Lola is 13 years old and healthy in every other way, apparently. A rat terrier normally might live for up to 18 years. The pacemaker could give her 3-5 additional good years, and is not as expensive as we had feared. Meanwhile, she is staggering around, not eating much, and seems dazed and confused. Not enought oxygen to the system right now. Needless to say this has upset our lives considerably in the last few days. We have to keep her very quiet and inactive so she doesn't stress her heart. This pretty much requires that one of us stays with her at all times. So much for any other plans we might have had! So please send good thoughts our way for this wonderful dog!

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Rexroth's Daughter said...

We are sending our best healthy wishes to Lola. When are you going to Davis? I hope everything works out, and please keep us posted.