Friday, April 23, 2010

Kunst und Kultur

We're definitely getting into vacation mode. waking up later, lingering
over breakfast, and leaving the house later each morning. Began the day with a "haar schnitte" in the train station, just a walk-in, a bold move to be sure, but the snipper did a good job, and my spiky locks are ready for

We rode the double-decker #100 bus to the Zoo and back (no zoo visit however) past some of the most grandiose architecture in town, and through
the enormous Tiergarten Park (think Central Park on steroids). Got off at the Neue Nationale Museum where we had a quick lunch, then plunged into their magnificent collection, in a gorgeous building, seeing paintings and sculpture from Germany and Europe since 1900. Our socks were definitely knocked off here!

Later we milled around the downtown area for awhile, then came back here to rest a little. Set out around 6 to the Alexanderplatz for a quick outdoor dinner of wurst and beer (yum!) in a happening street plaza cafe, then we went by bus again to Friedrichstrasse to a performance of Marriage of Figaro at the Berlin Comic Opera. fantastic! wonderfully baroque and gilded opera house, funny contemporary take on the performance, lots of gender-bending complexity thrown in, sexy playfulness throughout, 3 1/2 hours of musical fun and hijinx. Thus endeth yesterday, a great celebration of our 18 year anniversary.

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