Thursday, April 08, 2010

Preparing for Travel - An Uphill Slog

Trying to write a blog on an iPad was the task I set myself. I wanted to be able to keep a travel blog, using my photos (which this one is not), and my iPad, and whatever is left of my brain! It seemed like a logical thing to expect of this new device.

Oh Dolore! The pathway has been fraught with obstacles every step of the way. First the iPad has (so far) no way to download photos except through the laptop. I don't plan to take my laptop. They releasing a digital card reader device for iPad at the "end of April" and if I can purchase one in Berlin I will do so. That might solve problem #1.

Problem #2 is that once you get the photos onto the iPad, you cannot upload them to Blogspot. You must write and publish through iWeb if you want photos in your blog. iWeb does not have a nice, handy URL that you can bookmark and just check on every day. Each post is a separate and new and unrelated URL (so far as I can tell with my superficial understanding).
It might be possible to post a single photo to iWeb and then download it into Blogger... haven't tried that yet!

You can notify people one-by-one that you have posted something in iWeb, but you cannot notify a group of how to look for the post. That is problem #3, and a huge one! I cannot figure out any way to send email to a group on the iPad. I've given Apple an earful about all of these issues, and they agree that there is currently no way to do that. So if I want to send out one email to all my friends/family at home, I must add names one at a time each time I do it! Or find a laptop...

All of this is enough to have me lying awake at night thinking of how to get what I want without carrying a laptop with me. I'm not sure I can have it. But I'm stewing on it. Not that I don't love this little gadget, the iPad. I do. But there is a steep learning curve ahead, and some of these things can't be done. Period. You know how people use the old cliche, "don't quit your day job!"? I would say about the iPad "don't give up your laptop." You'll be needing it quite often to fill in the gaps. Oh Help Me Rhonda, Help Help Me Rhonda!

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