Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Nesting in the Mitte

Well, we have a light and comfy studio apartment for the week in Berlin, found through the vacation rental website (VRBO.com). It's IKEA all the way, clean, modern, and overlooking a lovely park from a little balcony. (Above is Daniella sunning on the balcony in the middle, 5th floor). This morning we were both so wiped out that we sat and stared at the park, drooled a little, and just couldn't summon the will to go anywhere. Luckily we had gotten in some fruit and yogurt, dark seedy bread and peanut butter, so we could breakfast chez nous and just be slugs for awhile. Eventually I got out for a walk around our neighborhood, and found it to be lovely, full of open-air cafes, in this city, on every surface of every building, some of it quite artistic and interesting. It certainly colors the landscape in all directions.When I got back to the apartment, Daniella had just gotten an email from Lois sending us an article from the NY Times about a Korean restaurant in Berlin. It turned out to be just blocks away, and we both got a sudden surge of energy as we headed down the street for lunch there. It was scrumptious, and the bibimbap tasted as good as some we ate in Korea in October. After that refreshment we felt - refreshed! so off we wandered into the surrounding streets, down Linienstrasse to the Hackescher Markt, then along Oraninburger Strasse, into the New Synagogue and a fascinating Jewish Museum there. Eventually, after several hours walking, we made our way home, where we are listening to music, reading emails, and doing some more resting, which we both need after the last week of go-go-go. A special treat was to be able to do a video chat with Desmond, our grandchild, while he was eating his breakfast and we were having our tea time. Miss him and his parents and uncle Tommy so very much! So it was sweet as sweet to see his smiling face!
Daniella has posted some good photos on her blog today.

And this news for my brothers: in a bookstore for children, I found that they are still selling that book that traumatized our childhood, Struwwelpeter. I'm sure you will remember it and the nightmares it gave us:And..... the forsythia is blooming everywhere. Takes me right back to Maple Lane Farm.

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robin andrea said...

I like reading of your adventures. Sounds like a fantastic journey so far. The city scenes you have photographed are quite beautiful.

mswest said...

Am enjoying reading about your travels. My wife is a big, big fan of Struwwwelpeter. Do you know the Tigerlilies' recording of the stories? It's fabulous. I can lend it to you some time.