Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oops, continued from last post...

Somehow working from an iPad occasionally makes posting these days a bit tricky. I meant to continue to describe how we visited the grand old Hagia Sophia this afternoon, every bit as awesome as I've always imagined it to be, the fascinating Christian and Moslem layers overlaid and now being sorted out by restorers who are removing layers of plaster and paint added by one side or the other of this age-old controversy. The mosaics, marble walls, and stupendous architecture are utterly gorgeous.Finally in late afternoon, we went down to the waterfront and had a boat ride up the full length of the Golden Horn, riding close to the European side on the way up, and the Asian side on the way back, since the city's split down the middle by this body of water. Clearly Istanbul is a wealthy and cosmopolitan city. The water front areas resemble the Riviera with lavish villas, gardens, yachts, and of course a huge collection of palaces and mosques. Wow!We've been getting acquainted with our fellow travelers today, an interesting bunch so far. And of course we are tickled pink to be traveling with Wendy and Judy again.

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Location:Ahırkapı Sk,Istanbul Province,Turkey

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