Saturday, April 10, 2010

Whirling Dervish

Yes, that's me, getting in the spirit of visiting Turkey while juggling a fistful of tasks, whirling madly in circles. Will I make it through my endless lists? That is the question of the hour.

My intention is to blog about this trip as much as I can. As I've already lamented, trying to do it on my new iPad is challenging, but I have some new possibilities to test out - tonight, maybe. Stay posted! Here's what we're doing and where we are going.

Leave Monday morning, fly to Frankfurt, then to Amsterdam. (There's a reason for this detour, but it is convoluted and not very interesting). Finally we take a train to Tilburg, NL, where Daniella will be teaching an encaustic class for three days. On the 17th, we go back to Amsterdam, stay a couple of days, and then on (by train) to Berlin.

In Berlin we have rented an apartment for a week, and will explore there as much as we can. We hope to look at lots of art, and whatever else looks interesting. On the 26th we'll go back down to Frankfurt, visit our friends Connie and Franz for a couple of days, , then meet up with our "gang of 8" and fly together to Turkey. We'll be reachable only by email, unless it is a dire emergency when one needs to get to Overseas Adventure Travel to find us.

We'll have 17 days in Turkey, then back to SF in mid-May! I have to start out this trip thanking my dear college friend, Margaret, who has for weeks sent me a stream of fascinating emails about Turkey, where she lived for a few years. She has sent me info on music, food, art, architecture, language, culture, politics, religion, and so much more - a veritable one-woman encyclopedia she is. I am in a frenzy of anticipation to get there and see it first-hand. My appetite is afire for Turkey! So stay tuned to this channel if you want to. If I have to blog elsewhere, I'll leave crumbs for you to follow! Eastward Ho!

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MaryDakota said...

Love the whirling dervish picture, Kim! Perfect.