Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Little Catching Up.

I'm way behind with keeping up on this blog. There are two reasons: we have been very busy, and the internet connections have been slow and spotty. At night I wake up and think about all the great things we have done each day and how much I want to write about them, and then we get up and it is off to the races again. In the evenings, the Internet is at its worst, and so nothing happens! I'll try to catch up a little, but briefly.

Monday, we spent a day exploring San Cris on foot, with a remarkable guide, Gabriela Gudino. She as so well versed in the language, architecture, history, culture, and everything else about Chiapas it was a fascinating day with beautiful walks around the city.

We saw a lot of public art work by CarlosJurado Delmar, Painter. 1996.

I'm the evening we visited Sergio Castro, a local legend. He has a private museum of all the regional costumes and artifacts of Chiapas. In addition he provides free medical care to anyone who needs it. He travels to remote villages in the daytime, and then holds a free open clinic in the late afternoons. He is a completely charismatic person and attracts a powerful legion of supporters and admirers.

We punctuated the day with a world-class lunch at LUM in Hotel Bo.

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Location:San Cristobal de las Casas

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