Sunday, January 17, 2016

First Day in Chiapas

Our first day here. Bad night's sleep, pretty wiped out. Nonetheless, couldn't resist going right out for a walk around town to see what's here. Everyone is getting ready for the ongoing fiesta that goes on here for the next 10 days or so. The streets were full of children in costume, vendors hawking colorful hand-made goods, and a high buzz of energy everywhere. Bird sounds abundant and surprisingly diverse. It's a party here, for sure!

Back to the hotel for breakfast, fresh papaya, pineapple and watermelon, yogurt, fabulous spicy hot chocolate (I'm in big trouble here!). Then the main course, a huge variety of choices. I ate chilaquiles, kind of like nachos in green chile sauce, topped by two eggs with yolks the color of tangerines. It was very filling and yummy. I was also scoping out what to order tomorrow morning.

We spent most of the day out on the Grijalva river, going up the Sumidero canyon in a boat for just our group. We saw so many fabulous birds (egrets, herons, pelicans, cormorants, vultures, tanagers, and many more). Also probably 15 assorted crocodiles, some monkeys, iguanas, and wild, jungly landscapes growing up the cliff faces. Wild orchids and begonias were blooming and waterfalls plunged down kilometer-high cliff faces where once men, women and children (indigenous people) leaped to their deaths in numbers to avoid being captured and enslaved by the Spanish.

We stopped for ceviche and beer along the river, then returned at high speed, bumping along in our boat back to town. Having a fabulous adventure.

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