Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Busy Weekend

All weekend we had an Open Studios tour going on at our house. Four painters showed their work, as part of the annual SPLAT tour. So we had people streaming through our home all weekend, and through our back yard. Daniella (Dotty Stripes of Encausticopolis) did really well with her art work, sold some paintings, got lots of raves, and we saw so many wonderful friends and interesting art lovers.

Yesterday I woke up full of energy and just rode it all day. First I turned over my compost, an annual chore that is deeply satisfying - just to see that black, rich soil that awaits down at the bottom of the pile, all made of nothing but our household food scraps - it's like a little miracle in itself. After that was done, I decided to clean out my "shed". This is an area at the back of my property where I keep my tools, garden supplies, lawnmower, paint, and whatever other odds and ends I can't think of a place for. Yesterday I dragged everything out into the back yard, then went in with brooms and brushes and tackled the dirt and spider metropolises that had taken over the place. Finally I put things back, but was able to remove a sizeable pile of things that will no longer be residing with us. There's now a large dump trip coming up, a trip to the toxic waste recyclable center, and an impending yard sale. Best of all, there is space - empty shelves, clean floor, minimal clutter. Deeply, deeply satisfying!


Mark The Bagel Guy said...

Yeah! What is it about cleaning out a garage? For a few days after I just cant wait for an excuse to go look at it again. Perhaps it is the illusion of sanity, order and having life under control it presents?!
It works everywhere. Even here in Grand Junction Colorado.

Endment said...

What a busy weekend!!!
Isn't it wonderful to be able to finish a task and say "Deeply, deeply satiafying?"

DivaJood said...

I envy the time, right now. But yes, finishing a task and saying "Deeply, deeply satisfying" -- what a treat.