Sunday, June 18, 2006

Out of Circulation This Week

It's been a strange week, with no blogging to show for it. On Tuesday, we went to San Francisco to look at the newly redesigned DeYoung Museum. It was quite breath-taking. It looks nothing whatsoever like the old one, a completely new space, inside and out, clad in copper sheeting, with punched out designs in it. The show we saw was the "International Arts & Crafts" show, on loan from the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, a stunning collection of Craftsman style furnishings and artifacts from not only England but many other countries as well. We also enjoyed the new 9th story tower room with a 360 degree view all over San Francisco, glass walls all around.
It was pretty fabulous! Later we had delicious dinner with friends (the artist Eileen Goldenberg and her partner, Judith).

Somewhere in that day, I began to feel physically unwell. I had no idea what it was, but kind of a vague nausea and extreme tiredness. The best I could relate it to was the post-chemotherapy feelings I had once upon a time (1994). Nothing specific, but just feeling punk. Over the next several days, it became clear that I had some kind of a "bug". It turned out to be a mild stomach virus, I guess. No appetite, no energy, lots of stomach cramps. Today it is finally gone, yahoo! But the week was spent in a kind of fog. I slept a lot, read books, took short walks with Zuma, and slept some more. Nothing accomplished except to get better.

Yesterday I sprang back into action and hosted a wedding shower here at the house, for my darling friend Michelle, who will be married in early July. She lived with us about 10 years ago, and has moved in and out a few times since then. She's a school teacher, a role model to so many young teens. She is one of my all-time heroines in life, a young woman with so much aliveness, soul, brilliance, wisdom, and self-awareness. I hope that Cade, her guy, knows how lucky he is to be her partner! She is the best!!

Now begins a week of getting ready to travel for the rest of the summer (if all goes according to plans). We leave on the 26th for an art show in Denver, then back here for Michelle's wedding, then I'm taking Zuma to Whidbey Island for a well-deserved break for both of us. Daniella will join us in August!

So that's where I've been, and where I'm going!

(DeYoung photos by Dan Heller


Endment said...

Wow - what a schedule you have set for yourself - think I will have to take a minute to rest before I can complete my comment ;-)

I would never have believed that these photos were of the DeYoung Museum - what a drastic change!

Hope you continue to feel much better and find a lot of joy and satisfaction in the busy schedule ahead.

The Fat Lady Sings said...

Sorry to hear you were under the weather, my dear. Feeling ill in summer is the absolute worst. For some reason - one expects to get sick in the winter. Summer seems reserved for happy times. Glad it’s finally passed, though. And thanks for including pictures of the DeYoung Museum! I grew up in the Bay Area - so I am familiar with the place - or I was! Wow! What a drastic change. I'm not sure I like it. Let’s put it this way - it will take getting used to; but then - I wasn't sure I like the changes to the Louvre either. Now I absolutely adore it. Time changes all things!

robin andrea said...

I have been wondering where you've been. Sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well, and glad that you are starting to feel better. We are looking forward to your journey to the northwest. Safe travels to you. Be well.

adagio said...

keep getting weller sigrid. and take care.

Cyndy Goldman said...

oh dear Sigrid. So sorry to hear you had to feel so lousy. I'm glad to hear that you're good as new and back in action again. No matter what you write about, I always love reading every bit of it! I hope you'll continue to write on your blog even tho you're getting ready to travel for the rest of the summer. Happy and safe journeying de lovely Sigrid Jardin!

DivaJood said...

Was wondering where you were. Stomach bugs are the worst. Glad you're on the mend. The show at the DeYoung sounds like it's worth a trip to San Francisco, I might have to do a road trip, but my cousin is mad that I think she looks like my mother. I told her to get over it, and now she's even angrier. I digress. Have a great summer, and keep posting. BTW, you should join in the Self Portrait Marathon, it's not too late.

TDharma said...

oh honey, my older daughter, her boyfriend, his mom and sister, all had this last week! Started on Saturday, right after graduation. It really was going around -- I feel fortunate to have missed out! Glad you're feeling better.