Friday, June 02, 2006

The Internet - The Greatest Toy!

In the last few days I've discovered two great new (to me) internet sites that offer limitless possibilities for fun and entertainment. Not that there isn't already enough out there to marvel at, but hey, in the words of an old friend, "too much is not enough" when it comes to the internet! The same could be said for fun!

The first site is . This is a place where amateur videographers of all persuasions, ages, and levels of talent upload short video clips, which can be viewed or downloaded. There are thousands of short videos available to watch, and it can be a truly addicting experience.

The other one is . This is a music-centered web site which acts like a customized DJ for your own musical preferences. All you do is type in a favorite artist or musical piece, and they begin playing that artist and then a wide range of other music that is similar and that Pandora thinks you might enjoy. You then create your own "stations", bookmarked as favorites, to which you can return. I haven't fully gotten the gist of it, but so far, with minimal understanding, I'm listening to a great bunch of stuff that I got by typing in "Beatles".

Sculpture by Jacques Tinguely


robin andrea said...

We just started experimenting with youtube yesterday! Interesting site. Never heard of pandora, and just went over and heard Joni Mitchell singing Free Man in Paris. Nice way to start the day. Thanks for the tip!

Endment said...

Between you and robin andrea - I am discovering how far behind I am in the techno world. Wow... Thanks for the links!

The Fat Lady Sings said...

I love YouTube - there's always something facinating there to uncover. I hadn't heard of Pandora, though - so thanks for the link. Hope your weekend was delightful. Have a good week, my dear!

DivaJood said...

I love the Jacques Tinguely shots -- his sculpture is incredibly playful.

YouTube is a great site, too, but I can only access from home, not my work (soundless) computer.