Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Great Masters Visit Storm King

Last night we had our final "life drawing" class for the semester. Our last project was to draw a group of people, using either old master drawings or models. Some were to overlap, all were to be in perspective and have the light and shadows work together. The composition was to include some kind of setting. Mine is about 22 x 30 inches. I copied old master drawings, and put my group at Storm King, a 400 acre sculpture garden, on the Hudson River in New York State. This was a place I visited last summer, and really loved.

Now that school is over, it is suddenly summer for me! I have a bunch of projects in mind for both fun and home improvement. But it's tempting to just sit out in the sun and enjoy the beauty of each day!


DivaJood said...

Love the concept -- Old Masters visit Storm King -- that's frankly hilarious. Storm King is an incredible site.

robin andrea said...

Enjoy the sun and beauty of the day, they are restorative. Then tackle the home improvement projects. It's the perfect sequence for a good life!

I love the drawing.