Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cut and Run Liberal, and Proud of It

This morning I read an excellent article on-line, by Stephen Pizzo. It's entitled Cut-and-Run-Liberal and Proud of It. I agree with almost everything it says, and wish we all could stand up to the Bush administration personally and tell them "no more, no more, no more!"

Also, if you haven't yet had an opportunity to see Al Gore's excellent film, An Inconvenient Truth, run to your nearest theater and watch it. It is beautifully done, and so important. Take a bunch of friends along.


DivaJood said...

I saw An Inconvenient Truth last Wednesday. It is amazing, and must see viewing for everyone. But more than that, it is a must-do call to action, because Gore points out at the end of the film if we act now, we can reverse the damage of greenhouse gasses in a few years; if we fail to act, the damage is irreversible within the decade.

robin andrea said...

When can we finally say "no more, no more?" I hope it is soon. That's a great piece by Pizzo, thanks for linking to it. Yes, there are so many things to cut and run from-- excellent list. It's a good feeling to be able to say it out loud, Yes, I want to cut and run.

Haven't seen Gore's film yet, but plan to.

Dotty Stripes said...

Yeah. You are so right. Cut it out, cut it off. Get outta here. Hey, how'd you get that cuteeee picture of you from Italia on your blog, there dearie?

TDharma said...

As Neil Young says on his latest:

no more no more no more

Have yet to see the film - I think this weekend is a go!