Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Books and a Girl who Loves Them

I'm responding to a tag from the ever-succulent and wild woman, Divajood, about books, one of my favorite things in the world. I could write a book about books I've loved, but will try to confine it to a few for this meme.

1: One book that changed your life: I’d have to say Middlemarch (George Eliot). I read it in college, when my life felt as if it was in a real mess, and something about the clear starchiness of the moral and ethical choices in the story, and the way they were described, helped me get through a hard time.

2: One book you have read more than once: Many of the poetry books by Mary Oliver. They never fail to give me joy.

3: One book you would want on a desert island: A big sketch book and lots of art supplies so that I could entertain myself, journal, draw, etc.

4: One book that made you laugh: Oh, so many have done this! One old favorite is Here At The New Yorker, a story/anthology of the early days of the New Yorker magazine. Hilarious! Another favorite was A Winter’s Tale by Mark Helpern. I remember reading it and laughing until tears were running down my face.

5: One book you wish had been written: More true stories by women throughout history, about their lives and the times they lived in. We get so much of our history through the male perspective, wars, conquests, etc.

6: One book you wish had never had been written: I’ll have to agree with another blogger I noticed who suggested “The Bible”. Add to that the Quran and any other “holy book” that religious extremists interpret literally and use to bludgeon others with their beliefs. I think these books have caused more misery than value.

7: One book that made you cry: Again, so many do! I think perhaps I’ll mention Atonement, by Ian McEwan. It is a masterpiece, it made me sob, it touches the human condition on so many levels.

8: One book you are currently reading: Just finished Two Lives by Vikram Seth, a double biography of his aunt and uncle set in the time of the second world war. And I’m always reading The New Yorker, every week!

9: One book you have been meaning to read: I have a big long list. My Kind of Place: Travels from a Woman Who’s Been Everywhere, by Susan Orlean is nearing the top of my list!

10: Now tag five people: Oops, I can't! I read very few blogs, and am shy about pushing my agenda onto anybody. But if you, dear reader, feel inclined to make a book blog, or write a list in the comments below, or simply to go to your favorite wicker lawn chair and read, please feel free!

Okay. Tag. You're all it.


DivaJood said...

Oh, I love Atonement - made me weep like a baby.

TDharma said...

ah, anythng by Virginia Woolf. Pivotal experience in my college days. thanks for your sweet comment on my adieu post..i'll be back at some point, and yes, to see you and your sweetheart in the fall would be lovely!

robin andrea said...

Now I'm going to have to read Atonement. I look to the poetry of Mary Oliver and Wendell Berry to take the edges off of any day.

Cyndy Goldman said...

aaahh Mary Oliver...her poetry has been so special to me and such medicine for the soul in my women's groups.

thought of you recently when we stumbled back into an old favorite sat. morning spot -- Jimmy Beans in Berkeley. been there on your Berkeley visits? they make a lovely Chai Latte!

your posts make me want to stop all this week's doing and gently pull myself back to the meaningful!

have a lovely day in paradise!

Alex aka Gypsy Girl said...

What a neat list! I'll have to do some thinking about this prompt!