Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Suggestions Please?? Midwest here we come!

During the month of September, Daniella and I will be driving to and through the mid-west. She has art shows in both St. Louis and Kansas City, and between times we will go to both Madison and Chicago, to see friends, look at art museums, and get to know these two cities a little bit. We are looking for suggestions for great places to visit in those areas: good restaurants, places to stay, sights to see, "not to be missed" spots, or any other ideas that might make our travel more fun and interesting. We'll be driving first through Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and then heading down to St. Louis. Don't yet know our route home - but we will swing by Whidbey Island to pick up Zuma at the end of September, and arrive back in Santa Cruz in early October.

Please send us your ideas, suggestions, etc. by Friday! Many thanks! ...... Tawanda!!!

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TDharma said...

how much fun...just don't be shootin' any good ol' boys, now.

Chicago's Art Inst. museum is a must see. An all-day long event. Great Georgia O'Keefes there.

and LOTS of good mexican food in chicago -- high mexican population.

oh, enjoy! No puttin' the pedal to the medal within spittin' range of a sheer cliff, now. Zuma would miss you something terrible.

hey - an take lotsa pitchers.....