Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Last Few Days

I've been away for a few days and here's why. On Thursday last week I went to Bellevue, Wash, with our friend Shane to set up Daniella's art booth for the annual Bellevue Arts and Crafts Festival. Daniella, meanwhile, was finishing up with teaching her class at Cabrillo College, and she flew in from Santa Cruz later on Thursday night. The show opened on Friday morning, and went on all weekend, until Sunday night. Tens of thousands of people trooped through the show, and it was one of the most entertaining human and dog parades I've attended in a long time! People loved Daniella's art work, and many signed up to take classes with her to learn about encaustic painting technique. Here is a photo of her booth (we were on the ground floor level of a parking garage this time).

We got back to Whidbey Island yesterday afternoon, thoroughly exhausted and wrung out. Here is a picture I took of Daniella and Zuma having a little reunion/love fest/meltdown after their weeks of separation. It is really good to have her here!
This morning when we woke up there were bunnies in the front lawn. As I watched, I realized that one of them was furiously digging in the dirt. Next it began rolling in the loose dirt, like a horse does when it is taking a dust bath. I caught a picture of this bunny - here it is!Nothing very exciting, but a lot of work and effort over the long weekend, and it sure is good to be back on the island!


robin andrea said...

I'm glad you are home on the island. I've been missing you and wondering how you are. Beautiful bunny. Delightful Daniella. Zonked out Zuma. Picture perfect!

Endment said...

Your trip sounds so fun!!!
Although perhaps not exciting - ???love the bunny photos

TDharma said...

great pictures! the one of Daniella and Zuma is just priceless. That is Love with a capital L.

Great bunny pix, too - what a belly on that thing!

Rest and relax and enjoy your island home....