Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Island Days and Nights

The last 10 days of our summer on Whidbey Island are already ticking past. I've been loathe to spend time on the computer when I can be outdoors enjoying all the pleasures of this area. But here are some of the highlights of the last few days.

1. Films - Two in particular stand out. We saw an old film, The Sheltering Sky, a Bertolucci classic from 1990, written by Paul Bowles. It is such an amazing, artistic, reflective film, entirely filmed in Saharan Africa. I was just dazzled by it, and the thoughtful and enigmatic themes it puts forward. It has certainly been added to my all-time-best list!

Last night we saw a screening of a film called "Inlaws and Outlaws" by a young Washington filmmaker, Drew Emery. This is a documentary that takes up the themes of love and marriage and gay marriage and gay love and love relationships in general. It is a wonderful effort, and has so much to say. Drew is pushing to get the film distributed as widely as possible, and has even had some success in - for example - midwest churches. If you see it in your area, by all means go see it. It is terrific!

2. Books - I've been on a reading bender. Today it is the "Life and Times of Michael K" by J.M. Coetzee. Recently finished "Night Work" by Laurie King. Next on tap is "The History of Love" by Nicole Kraus, which many friends are raving about. Love. To. Read. !!!!!

3. Sights - Even after 5 years of coming to the island, I never tire of seeing the magnificent bald eagles. There is a tree above the parking lot at our favorite beach where the eagles love to hang out in the mornings. They sit up there and preen their feathers, watch the beach activities, and probably, digest their fishy breakfasts. Here are a couple of snapshots taken this week, standing under that tree.


robin andrea said...

Nice eagle shots! We haven't been seeing as many. I wish you were staying longer on the island. It's so nice to see the place through your eyes.

Linstilllife said...

WOW,so beautiful, thank you for sharing. I'm amazed and delighted for you. I wish we could have had our visit.

The Fat Lady Sings said...

Your pictures have been glorious! To get that close to an eagle. You know - an old friend of mine used to work as a raptor rehabilitator. He had an eagle - beautiful bird. I could look at her for days. There is majesty there. So regal.